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JPEG Saver 5.28.1

There are a couple of bugs fixed and a few minor improvements in this version of JPEG Saver. I remembered to check that it works on Windows 7 this time as well.

Video buffering

The biggest change in this version is the addition of a fixed buffer for decompressed video frames. In previous versions JPEG Saver would allocate memory for each frame and pass it over to the renderer where it would be deallocated.

That is a bit inefficient, and the way JPEG Saver was queueing the frames meant that it could also end up using a lot of memory when jumping forwards or backwards through the video. I have also tidied up how JPEG Saver does the jumping around, which leads onto the major problem I fixed in this version.

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JPEG Saver 5.28

I was never happy with the way video worked in JPEG Saver, so I have gone back and looked at it again. Actually I never stopped looking at it, but I've stopped looking and taken action this time.

Video again

I added support for playing video back in version 5.8, in mid-2020. I used Microsoft Media Foundation, because that is what the Microsoft documentation recommended and because it is supposed to be well supported in Windows. It works fine.

The problem that I had with it was that the default way for Media Foundation's Media Session to output video is directly to a window, filling it with the video frames as and when they are supposed to be displayed. That meant using a dedicated window for the video that sits on top of JPEG Saver's main window and does nothing else. I couldn't draw anything on it without it being written over by the next frame, and JPEG Saver's status messages and information items would end up hidden behind the video window.

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JPEG Saver 5.27.1

It's time for another bugfix release. There is just the one bug fixed in this version, but it is an annoying one.

Blink and you'll miss it

The single bug fixed in this version has been around for quite a while, but I have only just been able to reproduce it. When starting to play a video and the full navigation option was not enabled, JPEG Saver would exit immediately, as though you had moved the mouse. In fact JPEG Saver thought the mouse was moving when it wasn't, so I just had to fix that.

There are no other changes in this version, so I'll pad this page out with another plea for bug reports: if you find something that you think isn't working properly, please let me know. Even if it isn't a bug, it may be that something could be done better.

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JPEG Saver 5.27

This is not a very exciting update, but it does contain quite a few fixes and improvements. Only one update is really visible from the outside though.

Import/export folder list

Someone asked for this, it seemed like a useful and easy thing to add, so here it is. In the config dialog on the folders list you now have two new options on the right-click context menu for exporting and importing the folder list.

The file is a plain UTF-8 text file with one folder on each line. The export option will create a file from the existing list, and the import option will add folders from a file - either replacing the current list or adding to it, you are given the choice.

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JPEG Saver 5.26.2

Another bugfix - not a crash this time, just something not working.

When is plain text not plain text?

When it's a vignette effect. I broke the plain text item in version 5.26, so you could still configure one but you would end up with a default-configured vignette effect when you ran the screensaver instead. It was very easy to fix, so I'm annoyed that I didn't notice it while I was testing.


The updated installers are on the downloads page.

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