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The styles tab is where you can set up multiple text styles for use when displaying text on the screen with the image.

JPEG Saver's Styles tab

Styles list

This list displays all the styles that you have created. The “Style” column shows the name that you gave to the style, and the “Font” column shows the name of the font used by the style.

Preview window

The preview window displays a string of text using the style that is currently selected in the list. The multi-colour gradient behind the text should help to see the contrast between the style and whatever may be behind it on the screen saver display.

Add style

Clicking the “Add style” button opens up the style editor dialog, shown below:

The style editor

The controls in this dialog allow you to set up your styles. The “OK” button will save your changes, and “Cancel” will discard any changes you make.

Style name

Any name you want to give to the style to describe how it looks, or which font it uses, or where you are planning to use it. Or you can use a name that means something to you. Some examples: “Thick white”, “Arial 20”, “Top right”, “Carrot”.

The name you choose here will be displayed in the styles list and when you choose a style for an item.


The font chosen for the current style. Press the “Change” button to open the standard font dialog to choose the font family, style and size.

Border style

JPEG Saver has three border styles available - “None” for no border, “Block” for drawing a rectangular block around the text and “Edge” for drawing a single-pixel border around the edges of the text.

Text colour

The colour of the text.

Border colour

The colour of the border around the text, if there is one.


This controls how much of the background shows through the text.

Preview window

The preview window shows some text in the current style over a gradient background. The preview is updated as the options are changed.

Copy style

Opens the style editor dialog with settings copied from the currently selected style. The new style will be given a default name of “Copy of <style name>”.

Edit style

Opens the style editor dialog with the currently selected style's settings.

Rename style

Turns the style name in the list into a text edit box. Clicking on the name while it is already selected will also open the edit box.

Delete styles

Deletes all selected styles. Any items that are currently using the styles being deleted will be given the first style in the list. If you delete all the styles, the original default style will be restored.

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