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JPEG Saver 4.0 replaced the DirectX 3/DirectDraw transitions used in JPEG Saver 3.x with DirectX 9 and Direct3D transitions. JPEG Saver 5 updated the graphics code again, this time using DirectX 11.

This means that JPEG Saver 5 doesn't need to install any extra DirectX libraries, as DirectX 11 has been installed with the operating system since Windows 7. DirectX 11 also means JPEG Saver can display transitions on any machine that supports the WARP device, which does all the stuff that would usually be handled by a graphics card in software.

Current version, 5.31 - released 24/05/2024

Added option to move files to a specific folder instead of deleting them. Fixed videos not playing when they contain unplayable audio. Fixed random crashing at end of video playback. Fixed incorrect colours showing for some TIFF files. Improved startup speed. Improved speed of folder scan. Improved speed of metadata scan. Improved performance when saving cache files. Improved behaviour when navigation key held down. Improved performance of text rendering.

Version 5.30 - released 04/04/2024

Added option to display Explorer slideshow in a desktop window. Moved Explorer slideshow options to new Slideshow dialog. Added a better TIFF loader using LibTIFF. Added support for loading ICC profiles from TIFF files. Can now set a file cache size of 0 to disable caching. Fixed scanning of disabled folders not happening in desktop helper. Fixed embedded colour profiles not being used. File cache now doesn't cache very large or very small files. Renamed “Enable audio” option to “Start audio unmuted”.

Version 5.29 - released 27/02/2024

Text hiding hotkey no longer hides status text. Added hotkey that hides status text as well as item text. Added option to set quiet loading time in “More controls” dialog. Re-added skipping unloadable files, with new option in “More controls” dialog. Added 2024 year filter preset. Fixed screensaver exiting slowly or not at all.

Version 5.28.1 - released 19/01/2024

Added dedicated buffer for decompressed video frames. Fixed JPEG Saver not running on Windows 7. Fixed application sometimes becoming unresponsive when jumping around video. Fixed very large images not being resized entirely. Fixed possible crash in status text update.

Version 5.28 - released 11/12/2023

Added Direct3D texture rendering of video to allow drawing items on top of video. Added hotkey to toggle video repeating (default “End”). Added hotkey to restart current video (default “Home”). Now displays pause/play icons for video when pausing or resuming. Audio mute/unmute toggle now works between videos and when audio disabled in config. Added option to unmap commands from keys in key map editor. Fixed freezing when holding jump keys down while playing video. Fixed crash when only one image available and random start set. Fixed rapid seeking in video jumping back to start. Fixed shuffled mode with few images repeating same sequence. Fixed issues caused by folders appearing in list multiple times.

Version 5.27.1 - released 06/10/2023

Fixed screensaver exiting immediately when playing video and full navigation not enabled.

Version 5.27 - released 28/09/2023

Added import/export options to folder list context menu. Config dialog now checks for crash dumps at startup. Crash dumps are now saved with date and time in filename. Desktop helper metadata scan will now check for GIF and video file dimensions. Text clock item preview now shows the current time and date using the selected format. Fixed crash when trying to use an invalid date/time format. Fixed hang when trying to play H264 video using 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. Fixed hang when closing down while a file is being processed.

Version 5.26.2 - released 27/07/2023

Fixed vignette item being displayed instead of plain text item.

Version 5.26.1 - released 27/07/2023

Fixed crash when database opening takes multiple attempts.

Version 5.26 - released 25/07/2023

Added “Video only” option. Added vignette item. Added rectangular vignette options. Sequential modes now use natural/logical sort instead of alphanumeric. Fixed EXIF and other details not being loaded. Fixed image loading percentage not being displayed. Fixed .metadata files not being deleted from image cache.

Version 5.25.1 - released 22/06/2023

Fixed possible crash in file delete or copy. Fixed “Simple” resize method corrupting images from video files. Fixed partial display updates when navigating between files quickly.

Version 5.25 - released 12/06/2023

Merged main image and background loading, scaling and processing to a new thread. Added “Image copy - fit to screen” background mode. Added background blur option. Added background vignette option. Added folder creation and modification date/time fields to image info item. Added file modification date/time field to image info item. Added support for multiple /g options to open multiple windows. Fixed jump-to-favourite not finding an image when it also exists in a disabled folder in database. Fixed crash when trying to delete file while next image is loading. Fixed some transitions failing when used on a window with odd dimensions.

Version 5.24.1 - released 11/05/2023

Fixed “Previous image” mode for multi-monitor systems.

Version 5.24 - released 09/03/2023

Added fully windowed mode accessed using /g option. Added alternative algorithm for image average backgrounds. Added image quadrant average background mode. Added video only filter preset. Fixed cylinder and ring transitions using source image for destination plane. Fixed EXIF date/time fields always displaying time as midnight. Fixed loader attempting next file type when the type is correct but file badly formed. Fixed crash after loading corrupt compressed preset.

Version 5.23.1 - released 13/02/2023

Added full-screen transition preview on double-click or F11 in preview window. Fixed transition preview sometimes transitioning an all-black image. Fixed background image mirroring incorrectly when image fills screen width or height. Fixed incorrect image placement on multi-monitor systems in non-Direct3D mode.

Version 5.23 - released 30/01/2023

Added column in transitions dialog to highlight new transitions. Added depth spiral, sphere, ring and cylinder transitions. Fixed corrupt pixels at bottom of some images loaded from cache.

Version 5.22.1 - released 21/11/2022

Fixed crash in screensaver when metadata scan completes and another scan batch is scheduled to start. Fixed metadata scan blocking image loading, causing various knock-on effects. Metadata scan now removes missing files from the database.

Version 5.22 - released 14/11/2022

Changed how image change modes work to improve performance. Added option to start database update from desktop helper after configuration saved. Added option to choose a filter preset for use with Explorer slideshow. A desktop helper database scan stopped by the screensaver running is now resumed afterwards. Fixed crash when using tag filters when not after other filters. Fixed crash when updating Direct3D textures. Fixed status message incorrectly saying “Loading image: 0%”. Fixed metadata scan storing incomplete metadata in the database.

Version 5.21.2 - released 26/09/2022

Fixed failure to start on Windows 7.

Version 5.21.1 - released 30/08/2022

Fixed crash in desktop helper when starting database update. Fixed active filters warning message appearing when it shouldn't. Fixed inconsistent image cache file preventing cache growing. Added crash handler for desktop helper.

Version 5.21 - released 25/08/2022

Added caching of recently loaded images, with slider for cache size in “More controls” dialog. Improved status text display, with loading progress for images that are taking a long time to load. Fixed image position buttons and colour management radio buttons not working.

Version 5.20 - released 18/05/2022

Added item presets. Added more keyboard support in styles and items lists. Fixed possible crash in styles tab.

Version 5.19 - released 25/01/2022

Added style preview in item editor. Added style edit menu in item editor. Added 2022 to filter preset years. Fixed bar slide transition missing pixel from bottom of screen.

Version 5.18 - released 26/10/2021

Added support for individual transition speeds. Added transitions dialog. Added transition presets support. Improved performance of colour management. Fixed simple resizing option not being stored. Fixed “filters active” warning being displayed after filters disabled.

Version 5.17 - released 24/09/2021

Added folder sets support. Added tiled, scaled image for previously white areas in Circle turn, Rings turn and Star turn transitions. Contents of video window is now saved along with the rest of the screen for desktop wallpaper. Some more improvements to the database setup for previewing a configuration. Alt-Tab from preview screensaver now leaves it running. Text to number conversions are now handled more consistently. Updated options handling now only saves non-default options to the config file. Preset handling has been updated to only save user-defined filter presets to the config file.

Version 5.16 - released 18/08/2021

Added multi-monitor “Span across screens” mode. Added plain text item. Added option for desktop helper to scan disabled folders for images. Improved performance when previewing config. Fixed image not showing in “stretch” scaling mode when no resizing needed. Fixed crash when adding a new logo image item.

Version 5.15 - released 30/06/2021

Added option to sync item token list selection and token at cursor position in edit box. Added taskbar entry for config dialog when not opened from Control Panel. Added box swap transition. Added tile swap transition. Added radar slide and multi-radar slide transitions. Added RGB fade, RGB fade in, RGB fade out and RGB fade out-in transitions. Added missile command transition. Fixed some item options broken in version 5.14.

Version 5.14 - released 11/05/2021

Added motion support for real-time items. Added support for using 3-digit hex codes for colours. Updated text formatting using {fmt} library. Fixed some incorrect key mappings.

Version 5.13 - released 04/03/2021

Added automatic database update options to desktop helper. Added preview for logo image item. Added test for image folder existence in config dialog. Added circle turn, star turn and rings turn transitions. Fixed logo image item alpha slider going the wrong way.

Version 5.12 - released 07/01/2021

Added support for loading image files with incorrect extensions. Added options to disable metadata scans. Added 2021 to filter preset years. Added last database update time to desktop helper tooltip. Video files are now skipped when video loader disabled. Fixed disabled video loader causing hang on Windows 7. Fixed display not changing after Direct2D failures. Fixed random background colour sometimes changing after transition. Fixed possible crash when drawing image copy background.

Version 5.11 - released 13/10/2020

Updating resizing system with new options and simpler alternative options. Config, database and wallpaper files are now stored in “AppData/Local/JPEG Saver” instead of “AppData/Local” by default. Multiple displays with staggered updates enabled now all display an image when JPEG Saver starts. Added grille and grille rotate transitions. Added confirmation before clearing database. Made some of the transitions smoother by enabling sub-pixel positioning and antialiasing.

Version 5.10 - released 15/09/2020

Added sequential / chronological change mode and rearranged order of modes in drop-down list. Added option to dim between start and end times instead of after a delay. Added option to defragment database from config dialog file menu. Added metadata scan to desktop helper database update. Added cut out transition. Added image info format token for file date/time. Fixed transition not being aborted when interactive controls load the next image. Fixed non-Direct2D real-time text display.

Version 5.9 - released 20/07/2020

Added keyboard remapping support. Added pause, resume, jump backwards, jump forwards and audio volume controls for use during video playback. Made initial video image maintain same aspect ratio as video. Added folder scan option to desktop helper. Added comb transition. Reduced memory use during folder scan. Fixed folder scan not resuming properly when stopped during update.

Version 5.8 - released 25/05/2020

Added support for loading and playing video files, with a new options dialog. Added ribbon twist transition. Added an extra image to the transition preview sequence. Child dialogs are now opened on top of the main dialog instead of at the centre of the screen. Fixed order of subfolders in sequential mode when the main folders are rearranged in the config dialog.

Version 5.7.1 - released 06/05/2020

Fixed bug that would make JPEG Saver crash when trying to display the size of a file that does not exist. Fixed extra space showing after process info “%m” and “%M” tokens and after image info “%s” token.

Version 5.7 - released 22/04/2020

New folder scanning algorithm with separate scan and database threads. Added option for how long JPEG Saver can reuse the database without a rescan. Added option for how often folders are routinely rescanned. Added “More controls” dialog for database settings. Improved status text while performing folder scans. Renamed favourites from 1-5 to A-E. Added image info format token for displaying file size. Memory usage in process info item is now displayed in KB, MB, etc. Made shutdwn faster by removing unnecessary database update. Improved efficiency of database code.

Version 5.6.1 - released 12/03/2020

Added found files count to “Finding images…” text. Fixed screensaver not progressing to the next image automatically. Fixed possible crash in DirectWrite text when Direct2D disabled. Fixed Direct2D primary screen window being stretched across other screens. Fixed config dialog started from double-click on desktop helper tray icon blocking Windows Explorer use until closed. Fixed transition preview window sometimes starting without an image.

Version 5.6 - released 20/01/2020

Added 2019 and 2020 to year filter presets. Added 4K and 8K resolutions to filter presets. Added tile slide and random tile slide transitions. Main dialog now selects the first enabled transition instead of the first in the list. Transition speed is now configured using percentages instead of fractions. Added random transition speed option. Added database integrity check on screensaver startup. Fixed “Finding images…” text not fading out when first image is shown.

Version 5.5 - released 05/11/2019

Added option to stagger image updates for multiple displays. Added option to enable transitions on multiple displays. Added “Windows main” as option for choosing primary display. Added “Software only” debug option for Direct3D rendering. Added “c” keypress to turn text/clock items off and on. Added box wipe, wipe left & right and wipe top & bottom transitions. Added periodic folder rescanning. Improved setting of image ratings. Fixed crash when pausing during a transition. Fixed dialog resizing between Folders and Items tabs. Fixed block-based transitions ignoring speed setting.

Version 5.4 - released 09/09/2019

Updated configuration dialogs to support Windows 10 DPI-aware scaling. Added “Background only” mode for secondary displays.

Version 5.3 - released 09/07/2019

Added desktop helper process for more reliable interaction with the desktop. Added “Now Playing” support for foobar2000, AIMP, Dopamine, MusicBee, Clementine, Spotify, Windows Media Player and Groove Music. Fixed transition speed slider not affecting preview window.

Version 5.2 - released 07/11/2018

Changed to using a more robust method for messaging between threads. Fixed F10 save desktop option saving grey bitmap. Added buttons to the background and style editor dialogs for swapping colours over. Improved error handling throughout.

Version 5.1.1 - released 18/09/2018

Fixed crash when using shape skip and blank secondary monitors. Fixed Direct3D screen randomly not advancing images. Fixed images not advancing when secondary screens set to show previous image. Fixed filtering by tag using “!=” not excluding only those images that have the tag set. Fixed filter tree display not updating after filters edited. Updated screen mode code to make it fit better with DirectX 11.

Version 5.1 - released 22/06/2018

Replaced JasPer with OpenJPEG for loading JPEG-2000 images. Added stack and scattered transitions. Fixed “Finding images…” text not fading out when first image displayed. Improved animation timing for transitions.

Version 5.0 - released 24/05/2018

Graphics code rewritten from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. Ended use of SCRNSAVE.LIB for basic screensaver functions. Added fall off and ring wipe transitions.


Bugs are a lot like buses - nothing for ages, then three come along at once. If you do find any bugs, please contact me with the details and I will do what I can to get things working properly. The most reliable way to get in touch with me is by emailing graham (at)

Don't contact me if you have problems with public transport - I can't fix that.


The latest version is available from the downloads page.

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