JPEG Saver's config dialog — Position/Resize tab

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The Position / Resize tab allows you to control where the image will appear on the screen, and what size it should be.

JPEG Saver's Position/Resize tab

Position buttons

These buttons allow you to choose where on the screen the image will be positioned. The arrow buttons align the image at the edges and corners of the screen, the round button in the middle centres the image in the middle of the screen, and the “Random” button picks a new random position for the image each time the image changes.

Auto-rotate images

Some cameras automatically save a value to the EXIF metadata that is part of the image file to say which way up the camera was being held when the photograph was taken. Enabling the “Auto-rotate images” option makes JPEG Saver check for this information and autmatically rotate the image to be the right way around.

Display mode / Multi-monitor button

If you have more than one monitor configured then this area displays a button saying “Multi-monitor…” which takes you to the multi-monitor options dialog. Otherwise it displays a drop-down box containing a list of display modes.

This option allows you to choose a different display resolution for JPEG Saver to use. The list of options is generated by asking the graphics card which modes are available - though these are the modes supported by the card and might not be supported by your monitor!

If you do choose a different display mode, JPEG Saver will be slightly slower to start up and exit but could perform a bit better during transitions. This is because in “No change“ mode it uses a window that covers the whole screen instead of using DirectX “exclusive mode”.

Resizing options

The image on this page shows advanced resizing mode. Simple resizing mode has just the two options for fit and method, with both larger and smaller images being resized to 100% of the display size.

To switch between the modes, right-click the dialog and choose the other mode from the popup context menu.

Resize large images

Setting this option means that images larger than the specified size are to be scaled down to fit. The small button at the end toggles between scaling to a percentage of the screen size, or a fixed size in pixels.

Resize large fit

Sets the method for fitting the image to the screen. The options are:

Resize large method

Sets the scaling method or antialiasing filter to use when resizing larger images.

Resize small images

Setting this option scales images smaller than the specified size up.

Resize small fit

Sets the method for fitting the image to the screen.

Resize small method

Sets the scaling method or antialiasing filter to use when resizing smaller images.

Colour management

Clicking on the “Colour Management” button opens up the Colour management dialog, where you can choose the input and output colour profiles JPEG Saver should use.

Gamma / Dimming

Clicking on the “Gamma / Dimming” button with present you with the Gamma / dimming dialog, where you can adjust JPEG Saver's gamma settings and the dimming options.

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