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The folders tab is where you choose which images will be displayed by JPEG Saver.

JPEG Saver's Folders tab

When you switch to this tab, the dialog becomes resizeable - note the grab handle in the bottom right corner. This is because folder paths can be very long and don't easily fit in the small dialog size. The width and height that you stretch the dialog out to are stored in the config file, and restored the next time you open the tab.

Folders list

This is the list of top-level folders that JPEG Saver will look for images in. Folders can be dragged up or down the list to change their order for image change modes that use folders in a sequence, like “Sequential” or “Alternate/Random”

Right-clicking on a folder in the list pops up a context menu with these entries:

Select this option to use the folder as a source of images, without JPEG Saver checking for subfolders.
This option must be checked for JPEG Saver to search for subfolders containing images or more subfolders.
This option disables displaying images from the folder. The folder will remain in the list, but it will not be used. Double-clicking on a folder in the list will also toggle the enabled/disabled option.
If you disable all the folders, JPEG Saver will not allow you to save the config file - you must have at least one enabled folder.
Open folder
This opens the selected folder in Explorer.
Export list…
Saves the list of folders out to a text file.
Import list…
Loads a list of folders from a text file. You have the option of replacing the current list or adding to it.

Add folder

Clicking this button opens a folder dialog where you can choose a folder to add to the list. Alternatively, you can drag folders from Explorer and drop them on the window to add them to the list.

Open folders

This button will open the selected folders in separate Windows Explorer windows.

Recursive checkbox

New folders are set to be recursive by default, though you can turn the option off using this checkbox.

Disabled checkbox

The disabled checkbox will disable or enable the selected folders.

Remove folders

Removes the selected folders from the list.

Clear list

Removes all folders from the list, leaving it empty. JPEG Saver will not allow you to save a config with an empty folder list.


Clicking on the “Filters” button opens up a menu where you can choose to enable/disable filders or enter the filter editing dialog. The “Enable” option will be greyed out if there are no filters set up.

The filters dialog is explained in detail on the filters dialog page.

Folder set

The folder set box allows you to choose an existing set of folders or save a new one. When the dialog opens JPEG Saver will display the current folder set in the box, if it is one.


The set button controls all the actions you can perform with folder sets:

Loads the selected folder set, replacing the contents of the main list.
Loads the selected folder set, adding its folders to the end of the main list.
Saves the main list as the named folder set.
Deletes the selected folder set.
Deletes all folder sets.

As with all options, the folder sets are only saved to the config file when the main dialog is OK'ed.

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