JPEG Saver 5.15


My JPEG Saver to-do list could be roughly divided into 1: big complicated things; 2: small fiddly things; and 3: transitions. Version 5.15 doesn't have any new big complicated things in it, but the others are present.

Useful things

First up is something that I only just realised would be useful, but for some reason I had never even thought of it before. The JPEG Saver config dialog now has a taskbar entry when it is not opened from the Control Panel. The reason I added this is that I kept finding myself opening config dialogs and losing them behind other windows, which got a bit annoying.

The other useful thing I have added is in the item editor dialog. The list of formatting tokens can be very long, and the tokens by themselves are fairly meaningless, so now when you position the cursor in e.g. %xX in the format edit box the token list will scroll to and select the %xX token. (The example is “Exposure time” in the image info item.) There is a checkbox at the top of the tokens list if you want to turn it off.


There are a few new transitions in this version. Some of them are similar to previously existing transitions and some are quite new.

• The “Box swap” and “Tile swap” transitions both swap the positions of sections of the screen, though using different animations.

• The “Radar slide” and “Multi-radar slide” transitions are a lot like the existing radar transitions, but rotating in the new image over the top of the old one.

• The “RGB fade”, “RGB fade in”, “RGB fade out” and “RGB fade out-in” transitions are like the existing fade transitions, though they randomly fade their colour components separately.

• The “Missile command” transition draws the new image by stencilling expanding circles over the old image. It looks nothing like the old arcade game, but that is where I got the idea for it from.


There is just the one fix in this version - the item animation code I added in version 5.14 broke some other item options because of the way they are stored, so this sorts that out.

Where to get it

JPEG Saver 5.15 is available from the downloads page.

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