JPEG Saver 5.7.1


Just a quick bugfix release for JPEG Saver this time, fixing some code that I added in version 5.7 that interacted with some other new code and meant JPEG Saver could crash.

The crashing was caused by JPEG Saver attempting to load images that don't exist (because of the new option that keeps the old database for a while) and then trying to display the size of the non-existent file. The file size token code was using a function that throws an exception when the file doesn't exist, which made JPEG Saver crash. I've replaced it with some code that won't crash, just return a file size of 0.

Another minor update is to the file size (again) and the two memory size tokens from the process info item. They were displaying some extra trailing spaces after the text, so I have cleaned that up. The only other change in this version is updating the WebP library to version 1.0.3.

I would like to say something about my progress with adding video support for version 5.8, but I haven't made a lot of progress. I have decided to use Windows Media Foundation to do it though, after my initial attempt to compile libVLC didn't go well. I'm sure cross-compiling libVLC from a Linux virtual machine is possible, but I didn't want to spend too much time doing it and I didn't want to add a whole virtual machine to the list of things I need to build JPEG Saver either.

The new version is available from the downloads page.

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