JPEG Saver 5.25.1


Another bugfix release. Some of these bugs are playing hard to squash.


I thought I had this first bug fixed in the last version, but I just made it harder to trigger. I'm talking about crashing when deleting files again. I never actually managed to make this crash happen, but this time I'm quietly confident that I have it fixed - I was using the wrong function to do the deleting (and it was also the wrong function for making copies of files, but nobody has reported a crash doing that).

You may be wondering how I managed to use the wrong function to delete files. Well this is one of the joys of Windows programming, where there is more than one way to do just about everything. I know of six different functions that you could use for deleting files, and there are probably more.


The next bug I actually did find during testing - the “Simple” resize method was corrupting images loaded from video files. It looks like this bug has been around since 2018, so I guess not many people are using simple resizing with videos.


This last one was less of a bug, more of an oversight. When navigating backwards or forwards quickly between images, sometimes JPEG Saver could be interrupted while drawing and just display an unscaled image or no image at all. In version 5.25.1 the image is not given to the display until it is fully loaded, so instead of a weird broken-looking image you should see the screen not updating until you stop pressing the navigation keys.

Where's the download?

The installers are available from the usual place.

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