JPEG Saver 5.24.1


Another bugfix version of JPEG Saver. This time it is for a single bug that might not affect many people, but I would prefer to get this fix out now instead of waiting until I have some more substantial stuff done - that might take a while.

Previously on JPEG Saver

The one bug fixed here is that the “Previous image” option for multi-monitor displays was not working. It was broken by the changes I made in version 5.22 that mean JPEG Saver now stores a list of images to be displayed.

This actually means that the non-primary monitor(s) can display the previous image right from the start without waiting for the primary to display something - but it wasn't working. This version should fix that, though I'm still a bit unsure of the “Alternate/Random” change mode. I think it is probably working now, but it might just have been behaving every time I tested it.

The downloads page

The new version is available from the downloads page.

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