JPEG Saver 5.10


Here is another JPEG Saver update, not a very exciting one but it does have some useful changes. So the following is a list of all the modifications, in order of how obvious they would be if I didn't point them out:

Something Better Change

I've added a new change mode called “Sequential / Chronological”, and rearranged the order that the change modes appear in the drop-down list. The new mode displays images in chronological order within each folder, the folders being chosen in order from the folder list.

I think this is the first time I have changed the order that the change modes appear in - until now they were in the order that I added them, so there wasn't really any logic to the order. You might argue that there isn't much logic now either, but I did actually put some thought into it.

I have more change modes on the to-do list, along with some other related options. They might make it into the next version if I can get past the head-scratching stage.

Lights Out

The option to dim the screen after a delay has been in JPEG Saver for a long time, but now I've added an alternative: dimming between start and end times. This is a bit like the Windows 10 “Night light” settings, except I've never actually tried to use that and I don't know if it is really anything like it at all.

Anyway, you can choose any start and end times you like, as long as they are at least a minute apart. I don't imagine setting the times that close together will be useful for anything other than trying it out. If JPEG Saver starts up during the dim period it will start at full brightness and immediately begin to dim. The interactive dimming controls continue to work in this mode as well as in the delayed dimming mode.

Cuts You Up

I've added another transition called “Cut Out”. I'm getting to a strange point where it is almost harder to think of names for these transitions than it is to get them working. I was originally going to call this new one “Mobile” because it reminded me of the dangly things that you hang above babies to confuse them to sleep or something, but I thought that would be a really awful name.

My current list of potential new transitions is: “Bubbles”, “Shatter”, “Paint”, “Vortex”, “Wind” and “Missile command”. These transitions may or may not appear in future versions, and their names may be changed to protect the innocent reflect what they actually look like.

Come Together

The last change that is really visible in the config dialog is an extra option in the “File” menu: “Defragment database”. This runs a couple of SQLite queries that optimise the database, so you might want to run it now and then if you add and remove images regularly.

What else?

This is actually quite an important change, but it isn't a very visible one - I've added the metadata scan to the desktop helper database update. The metadata scan is where JPEG Saver looks at each file to find out its width and height and any tags that it has, writing this to the database. It is really slow, so until now it only happened in the background after JPEG Saver had started displaying images. Doing it from the desktop helper means that the data can be kept up to date, allowing it to be used in filters more easily.

The other changes in this version are a new image info format token for displaying file date and time, a fix for an active transition not being aborted when you press a key to move to another image, and a fix for non-Direct2D real-time text not appearing.

JPEG Saver 5.10 is available from the downloads page.

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