SVGGraph 3.6


SVGGraph 3.6 is a fairly small update, with a few fixes, a couple of useful extra options and one new feature that I plan to expand upon in future versions.

Multi-level axis division labels

This is the new feature, something I have actually been thinking about for quite a long time. It is enabled with the new axis_levels_h or axis_levels_v options, along with some method of providing the text for the new labels.

Axis levels example

If you click on the “View source” link you will see that this example is using structured data with multiple axis_text fields to choose the label text. The text for the labels could also come from the axis_text_callback_x option or using datetime keys.

Some more details of how to use the option is in the axis_levels_h page.

New options

There are two new styling options in this version, axis_font_weight and axis_text_back_colour. Both of these options also have horizontal and vertical flavours available with _h and _v added at the end. They add some basic styling to the axis division labels, most useful in places where the labels are not clear like the radar graph Y axis and population pyramid X axis.


The link_target and link_base options have been broken for some time, so this version fixes them. The Javascript crosshairs should have been hidden when the cursor leaves the grid area, but this was not working.

Finally, I added support for displaying gradients in all sorts of places in version 3.5, including the axes. Unfortunately, using a gradient to stroke a horizontal or vertical line in SVG doesn't show up at all, so now SVGGraph will draw gradient axes as filled rectangles instead.

The new version of SVGGraph is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist with Composer.

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