JPEG Saver 5.6.1


It's time for a bugfix release - I don't know how many people are being affected by these bugs, but some of them could be really frustrating.

The first bug is the most serious, because it means JPEG Saver could sit there doing nothing until you came along and poked it. That's not good for a screensaver. This was because JPEG Saver could get confused about whether a transition had completed or not and never move onto the next image. So this is fixed now.

Next is the most obvious update in this version, to the “Finding images…” text. Until now it would fade in and out telling you that it was looking for images to display, but if you have a lot of images it could be doing that for quite a while. Now it displays the number of images that it has found in the current run and is updating in its database, which could be all of them or just some that needed rescanning. If you have a lot of images spread over many folders the number might stay at 0 for a while because of the way it checks for new images. I'm planning to do some more work on the image finder in version 5.7, so I will improve this display a bit when I am working on that.

Two more bugs that might have been annoying people are one that made the config dialog started by double-clicking the desktop helper icon prevent using Windows Explorer, and one that made the transition preview window sometimes start with a blank image. That second one had been frustrating me for a while, so I was really glad to fix it.

There are two more bugs fixed in version 5.6.1, but they are a bit more obscure. JPEG Saver could crash when drawing text using DirectWrite with Direct2D disabled, and with Direct3D disabled the Direct2D primary screen would be stretched across multiple monitors. I don't think these would affect many people though.

Now I have these out of the way I can start working on some more useful and interesting updates I have planned for version 5.7 (unless some more bugs appear and I need to create version 5.6.2).

The new version of JPEG Saver is available from the downloads page.

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