TrayBlank 1.10


TrayBlank 1.10 is a small update that does something really useful. Well, I will find it useful anyway. I'm not really sure if anyone else finds TrayBlank useful at all. Maybe I'm just making it less useless.

Up until now TrayBlank's progress bar has shown the progress until the screen saver starts. Unfortunately, it didn't take one important thing into consideration - the power management settings. I kept seeing the progress bar chugging along before the screen went black as the monitor switched off without the screen saver starting up.

The update adds in the monitor power-off time to the icon tooltip, and also changes the progress bar when the screen saver is going to be preempted by the power management settings. Instead of the solid bar that gradually changes from blue to red, the bar will be a sort-of zig-zag line in yellow. I tried quite a few shapes and colour combinations, but this seemed like the one that was most obviously different from the normal progress bar.

The only other thing to mention is that this version will not work on Windows XP, but anyone still using XP at the end of 2019 has more things to worry about than just TrayBlank not working.

The new version of TrayBlank is available from the downloads page.

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