JPEG Saver 4.17


There isn't as much new stuff in JPEG Saver 4.17 as I had planned but I wanted to release it now because it fixes a couple of bugs, one of which was really hard to find.

The main change in this version is the addition of filter presets in the filters dialog. I've compiled in a few that I think will be useful, but you can also add your own, modify the defaults, and mix them together using the “Insert” option. If you have any really good ideas for filters please let me know and I can add them into a future version.

I'm still planning to add filtering by tags/keywords, but that was too complicated to make it into this version.

The filters now have an “Enabled” checkbox to turn them on and off. This is visible on the folders tab and inside the filter dialog itself. There is also a warning message that shows on the folders tab when filters are enabled, to make it a bit more obvious why those images I just put there aren't showing up!

The bugs fixed in this version start with a very tricky one that didn't happen on my hardware. At some point JPEG Saver would crash in a transition, leaving the screen black. This turned out to be because of a change in version 4.15 that meant the transitions could get some dodgy timing details depending on the hardware present. This was one of those bugs that took a week to find and a couple of minutes to fix.

The next bug was one I found while trying to find the first one - JPEG Saver would crash if you set the main display to a secondary monitor and with no images displayed on the primary monitor. This one was easy to fix. The next bug was in the new Explorer slideshow code, where the “random start” option wasn't being used consistently. Finally, the logo image item was loading its image even when it was disabled and not being used.

The new version is available from the downloads page.

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