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Welcome to Goat 1000 - this is where you'll find some of the bits and pieces of software that I cobble together for fun. Please feel free to download them and try them out. All this stuff is freeware, no guarantee that it will do anything, etc. (though if it does fail to do anything, please let me know!)

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SVGGraph 2.20.1

SVGGraph is mainly a bugfix release, though I've fitted in a couple of new options as well. The main bug fixed in this version is in the calculation of unit values for shapes (and custom labels) when the graph axes are not in the bottom left of the graph. This happens when you have negative values or adjust the axis minimum value.

The second bug is very minor - passing an array containing a single value as a colour was being parsed as a gradient. This caused an error because there were too few colours, so now SVGGraph will just use the single colour.

The first of the new options is bar_width_min, which gives you a bit more control over the automatic bar sizing. Up until now bars have always had a minimum width of one pixel, and the option will continue to use a value of 1 by default.

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SVGGraph 2.20

There are two major new features in version 2.20 of SVGGraph, both of which are demonstrated in this example:

BarGraph with shapes and labels

The example is a simple BarGraph with the vertical axis maximum increased a bit so I can fit in some extra stuff. The extra stuff in this case is made up of shapes and custom labels - configured using the new shape and label options. All of the graph types support shapes and custom labels, but the grid-based graphs also support positioning and sizing them on the grid and in grid units.

These new options each have a new page to explain how to use them in detail: shapes and custom labels.

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JPEG Saver 4.15a

I've learned something new in the last week - if you want the code you build with Visual Studio 2015 to run on Windows XP, you need to change the project build toolset from “Visual Studio 2015 (v140)” to “Visual Studio 2015 - Windows XP (v140_xp)”. A similar change is required for Visual Studio 2013 too, but I skipped that version.

So this JPEG Saver update is a change to a compiler option with all the same code, which is why I haven't updated the version number. If you are not running Windows XP, this version will not be any different to the version 4.15 released last week. If you are running XP, this version fixes the message about not being a valid Win32 application (and you should seriously consider upgrading from XP to something newer too - Microsoft stopped supporting XP about 18 months ago).

Download from downloads, as per usual.

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If you want to contact me, my email address is at the bottom of the Readme.txt file or PDF in any of the zip files, or in the source of Javascript files, or you could try to figure it out from a combination of my name, (graham) this domain name (goat1000.com) and the @ sign.

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