JPEG Saver 4.19.1


This shouldn't surprise anyone - the first new JPEG Saver release since I moved all the drawing code around and added in Direct2D and DirectWrite just fixes a couple of bugs. Not very exciting bugs, either.

The first bug was the image filename being forgotten when the image was being processed. This meant that some of the interactive options were failing in new and unusual ways (not just the usual ways that they fail because of the separate desktop that Windows runs screensavers on).

While I was fixing that one I discovered another bug - memory was being allocated for a copy of the image, which wasn't being used. This one didn't do any harm because the memory was released again soon after, but it might have slowed things down a bit.

A more obvious bug was in the DirectWrite text output, where right-aligned text was being cropped by a few pixels on the right hand side. The only surprise with this bug is that I didn't notice it before - though right-aligned text is really only useful for when items contain multiple lines of text and you want them lined up against the side of the screen or image.

So after a month and a bit these are the only bugs I've had to fix from JPEG Saver 4.19, so I'm quite pleased that nothing horrifically complicated has gone wrong. Yet. If you spot anything else not working, please get in touch and I'll see about fixing it.

JPEG Saver 4.19.1 is available from the downloads page.

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