SVGGraph 2.21


This is a relatively small update to SVGGraph, mainly because I'm trying to release updates more often instead of saving up a bunch of changes to release all at once. So this version is centred around the best-fit or trend lines.

MultiScatterGraph with projected best-fit lines

Until now these lines were only supported by the scatter graphs, but now the line graphs support them too. The example graph above has four datasets and four best-fit lines, though the green and blue datasets are using the new best_fit_range and best_fit_project options. The best_fit_range option lets you specify the range of values to be used in calculating the angle of the best-fit line, and best_fit_project tells SVGGraph which bits of the line outside the range to draw.

By default the projected part of the line is drawn with a 4-pixel dash pattern, but there are best_fit_project_dash, best_fit_project_colour, best_fit_project_width and best_fit_project_opacity options for changing its appearance. There is some more explanation on the scatter graphs page.

Moving onto the other changes in this version, I've merged in some submitted code that allows pie graphs with repeated keys. I've fixed an error when using a strange dataset_axis setting and a single dataset, and made the image markers support absolute URLs.

The new version is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub, or using Composer.

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